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We sit alongside founders and business owners as a strategic partner. Be it starting, building, growing or exiting, we are here to help.
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What we believe in

Grow your business, establish your brand, and put your customers first.

About US

Who we are

We are a collection of entrepreneurs, founders, operators, advisors and market professionals who have started, grown and sold a variety of businesses.

We believe in putting the customer first and focussing on the core principals of running a sustainable, revenue generating business ensuring ultimate control is always held by the business owner.

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VAQA - Tom Batting Business Advisor

What we do

We start by understanding everything about our clients and the market they are looking to dominate.

From then, every project is different. We will want to make sure the business, brand and digital presence is setup correctly and then we get started on growing the customer base and streamlining operations.

If financing / funding is needed, we help with that too as we have a network of angel investors and capital funds at our fingertips.

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VAQA Business Growth and Advisory

Our Guides

Achieving Sustainable Startup Growth: Key Strategies for Startups
Dec 11, 2023

Sustainable growth is essential to long-term success for startups in an ever-evolving environment like that of startups. Startups stand out as entities driven by innovation, often disrupting existing industries with fresh ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit. But growth doesn't come quickly; here we explore its importance for startups, potential obstacles they face, and what factors may contribute to its development.

A Comprehensive Guide to Startup Advisory: Nurturing Success from Inception
Dec 11, 2023

Beginning a startup can present entrepreneurs with many obstacles and uncertainties, including finding guidance from experienced professionals, which can be invaluable in this rapidly evolving environment. This comprehensive guide explores the roles and types of startup advisors available and when entrepreneurs should seek professional assistance. Today's Entrepreneurial Landscape Startup advisors are becoming ever more crucial. Their wealth of experience and industry insight can assist entrepreneurs in avoiding common pitfalls, capitalizing on emerging trends, and identifying growth opportunities. Advisors serve as sounding boards for ideas while providing feedback that spurs innovation and strategic thinking.

Starting a Business: Your Guide to Success in the Entrepreneurial World
Dec 11, 2023

Imagine having the freedom to pursue your passions, setting your schedule, and the potential of building something unique from scratch - these are all advantages offered by starting a business but also come with their share of challenges. This comprehensive guide will discuss essential steps and strategies to turn entrepreneurial dreams into successful reality. Launching your venture can provide more than financial independence; it also presents an opportunity to make meaningful, impactful contributions, exercise your creativity and fulfil life's purposes.

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